Our Baby Scan options


Following the government's easing of restrictions on 19th July 2021, Insight Ultrasound will still require all persons in the scan room to wear a nose and mouth covering. Insight Ultrasound reserve the right to refuse to scan anyone who will not comply with this unless proof of exemption is provided.

Unfortunately building regulations again state that children are not allowed to accompany parents in the scan room.


Reassurance Scans.

During this latest period of lockdown all  our scans will be for Reassurance.

If at the appropriate time the gender of your baby can also be determined we will be happy to tell you.

All appointments will be limited to 15mins in order to protect our staff as well as all our pregnant ladies.

Everyone must wear a mouth and nose covering whilst in the building and hand sanitiser will be provided.



Early Dating & Reassurance Scans

Some of our other options include;

Dating scans, taken between 6-14 weeks,  for whether you are unable to get a hospital appointment or feel more comfortable with the extra privacy our service provides.

Anomaly scans, taken between 19-22 weeks, to assess your baby in a more relaxed and private setting, assessing baby's head and limbs to give you peace of mind.

Growth scans, taken between 24-36 weeks,  to assess the growth rate of your baby, either for general reassurance or because of suspected issues.

Presentation scans, taken from 37 weeks, to help show the presentation of your baby closer to the due date, to show if the head is in the right place or there is a breech.

Gender scans, taken from 16 weeks, to give you the sex of the baby, whether it is a boy or a girl.

2D Bonding & Gender Scans

The 2D scan utilises the same technology as the routine scan provided by your hospital.

This allows you to have another chance to look at your baby and see how much he/she has changed since previous scans.

All scans are performed in the relaxed environment of our clinic with our staff taking the time to explain the scan to you and answer any questions.

This also gives you the opportunity to involve friends and family.

We can also perform a gender scan using this technology if you should wish to know whether your baby is a boy or girl.

All scans can be recorded onto a DVD for you to enjoy at a later date at a small extra charge.

4D Bonding

The 4D scan utilises advanced technology to bring images of life in the womb like never before.

It provides parents, friends and family with an unforgetable experience and allows you to bond with your baby even before birth.

You will be able to watch with joy your baby in 4D motion, see clearly the face, fingers, toes, arms and legs.

You will be amazed at the detail and clarity of these 4D scans, and you will have a unique souvenir of your baby's early life to start your album.

A 4D bonding scan can be done at any time in the pregnancy, however to obtain the really cute images of your baby we suggest the better time to have one done would be between 26 and 32 weeks of pregnancy.

For your convenience, we are open for these scans on Saturday, but if this is not suitable please ring and we will try to find an alternative time for you