Frequently asked questions

Here to put you at ease

Q : Does the InSight scan replace my NHS scan?

A : No, the InSight scan is a non-diagnostic scan with the sole purpose of allowing you time to bond with your baby.

Q : When is the earliest time I can have my scan.

A : You can have an Early Date and Reassurance scan from 6 weeks gestation, 2D Bonding scan at anytime in the pregnancy, Gender Scan from 16 weeks gestation and a 4D Bonding scan between 26 and 32 weeks gestation.

Q : What is ultrasound?

A : Ultrasound is a technique utilising high frequency sound waves producing an image which can be recorded.

Q : What are 3D and 4D ultrasound?

A : These are similar to the 2D ultrasound most people are familiar with (the black and white photos) but use a more advanced technology to produce a more life-like 3D image of your baby. 4D imaging adds movement to the images allowing you to see your baby kick, wave and yawn.

Q : Is the InSight scan safe?

A : Yes. The output levels of our machine are no different from those used in your local hospital. All scans are carried out to strict guidelines and in the last four decades there has been no evidence that there has been any harm to mother or baby.

Q : Do I need a full bladder for my InSight scan?

A : No, as you will be more than 20 weeks pregnant you do not need a full bladder, just come and relax and enjoy the experience.

Q : What if something is wrong with my baby?

A : If a problem is identified we will willingly contact your doctor/midwife for you, with your permission.

Q : What do I need to bring with me?

A : Bring your antenatal notes with you in case we need any information from them.

Q : How long is each appointment?

A : A full 45 minutes for the 4D scans or up to 30 minutes for the 2D scans which hopefully allows for a good position of the baby as well as production of your photos and/or DVD/Video.

Q : Can I have more than one scan?

A : Yes, just not on the same day.

Q : Can I bring friends and family with me?

A : Yes, just bear in mind that it may be difficult to see if there are too many people. We would request that all young children are accompanied by an adult other than the mother being scanned.

Q : Will I always get a beautiful picture of my baby?

A : No, not always. All pictures are influenced by the positioning of your baby. If we are unable to get suitable images due to the baby's position a further scan will be offered.

Q : How much does a scan cost?

A : It is dependent on which scan you choose, we have a list of our scans available with there prices alongside.